Best Animated Films of All Time (Part 2)


Time for the second part of my Top 10 favorite animations! This time I have only two films to share with you (…because I have a not-so-hidden agenda): I really wish more people would watch film number six, Peter-No-Tail! It is little Swedish gem that is mostly known in its homeland and the surrounding countries. I just watched it on youtube after many years, and I think this film deserves more people (adults included) see it. Also, the UK dubbed version, linked below, is really good! (The American version, on the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Everything just sounds wrong in the US version!)

  • 6. Peter-No-Tail(1981). (Pekka Töpöhäntä/ Pelle Svanslös). Peter-No-Tail is a Swedish animation based on a series of books by Swedish author Gösta Knutsson. This is a lovely film that tells the tale 🙂 of Peter (or Pekka/Pelle, depending…

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