4 Secret Tips for Time Management

In life, many of times you may have been frequently pulled or interrupted in different directions towards achieving anything. It means you wanted to do something but it never happened because of any distraction or the right time. Put simply, this happens daily. Right? It means whatever you’ve learn about managing time is a complete waste because it didn’t work. Before you start to learn how to manage time, you must learn what time is.

businessman-in-a-hurry-with-suitcase-powerpoint-300x240In world, there are two types of times, one is clock time and the other is real time. Clock time is irrelevant. We don’t live in clock time rather we live in a real time which is mental, running between our head. If it is in our head, it is possible to create it, manage it or we do have a full control over it. This is the time which flies or drags depending on what you are doing.

Generally, you are surrounded by self-sabotage and self-limitation of ‘not having enough time’ or today not being the ‘perfect time’ to start anything. Thoughts, conversations and actions – these are the only three ways to spend time. Regardless of what work you do or own, your work will be integrated with these three items. Here is some time management tips that could help you avoid distractions and achieve your goal without losing much of your energy. Take a look:

  • Set Goals and Monitor Progress

Establish your goals and create tracking mechanisms to achieve them. Watch out the deviation before they become major problems and take considerable amount of time and effort to resolve them.

  • Prioritize your tasks

Make your schedule and make a list of all tasks you have to do and when. When you’ve got it all down, work through the list and so that task first which is prior to you. This will relieve you by the end of the day.

  • Avoid Distractions

Technology is the main distraction that today’s generation suffers. It creates lots of wasted time, energy, loss of continuity and decreased productivity. Focus on things you own and what you are doing and one task at a time.

  • Use your commute

Carry your work whenever you travel or wait somewhere. If your work is technologically related, carry your laptop, tablet and utilise that time in something productive.

Thus, by following these simple four tips you can watch a big difference in your working pattern and make you feel more relax and energetic towards accomplishing your goals.


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