5 Popular Power Point Diagrams for a Successful Business Presentation

If you are going to create a business presentation then make sure that you choose appropriate PPT tools such as attractive animations, beautiful images, clear sound, sober color, balanced font, fair layout, apt videos and suitable title. In this presentation different types of diagrams can describe your ideas clearly and comprehensibly.

It is not easy and professional way to demonstrate all views and information simply by plain text material. A person can feel the need of some figures or diagrams for conveying his opinions appropriately. You can select following popular power point diagram and figures for your new presentation:

  • 3D Funnel Analysis :  It helps to describe a data of marketing or other subject matter clearly. 3D funnel analysis templates can be used for impressive sales PPT presentations. You can also use it for the topics like brand management, pricing strategy, customer identity and segmentation.
  • Cause and Effect Fish-bone : This editable diagram helps to present corporate strategies and roadmaps. A person can describe cause and effect of some strategy or plan. Businessmen can explain initiatives, activities and objectives of their organizations clearly to their clients. Two nice diagram slides of it can fulfill many purposes. They can describe complex process or some problem – solution course easily and step by step.
  • Horizontal Process Funnel Analysis : This PPT template contains unique diagram of funnel process, designed with colored bubbles and horizontal funnel. You can use this for effective sales and marketing programs. It can best describe a bottleneck situation in a decision making presentation. You will find useful applications such as demand slide designs, continuous flow, matching supply and product oriented analysis. For highlighting a step in the diagram you can use specific colors also.
  • 3D Cylinder Power Point Shapes : This slide has horizontal tunnels that can be used as a metaphor or concept for information flow within the organization. You can also describe a process through a black box inside the tunnel. It is a great medium to describe a system from the source to given target. Different cylinder slide designs and unique PPT graphics must be used for awesome presentations.
  • Relationship, Segment and Network Diagram : With these diagrams you can give your business presentation a professional and polished look. They are available in various varieties such as Honeycomb, Ying Yang and Diamond Diagram.

Before presentation do good rehearsal and repeat it frequently. Alongside professional PPT, use clear and effective language so that viewers can understand your ideas properly. Ultimately popular power point diagrams must express text material and opinions of presentation successfully.


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