Fishbone Diagram

What is Fishbone Diagram?

In corporate sector businessmen use different types of methodologies to analysis and explain some problem properly. Fishbone diagram provides an organized data of some issue to come into an easy solution. It is greatly useful in six sigma methodology.


The shape is named as fishbone diagram because the figure looks like a fish and bones that can be 4 to 8 are used to understand a crisis as well as dissect a problem properly.

Different industries would give these bones different titles in the form of promotions, plants, policies, prices, services, products, systems, procedures, suppliers and others.

If you are planning to prepare a presentation for corporate strategy, then this diagram can help to achieve a desired goal easily. It can be useful to explain a complex process in various numbers of steps.

In corporate strategy slides, the fishbone diagram can be used as cause and effect diagram. Name of the problem is tagged on the head and causes of it can be explained through the bones.

When the major issue is explained properly before the audience then it becomes easy to find the solution. Thus, ultimately it proves to be a good medium to get quick resolution of some issue.


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