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Download Free PPT Templates and Backgrounds

Gone are the days when a number of different types of alternative solutions are available in the market, whether it is for creating attractive presentations or tutorials for easy learning. Thus, today here we have enlisted the top 7 PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that are not only available for download, but are readily available for free of cost as well. So, let’s have a look:-

1) Business Model Templates:- As we are aware of the need of interesting & illustrative presentations for the immense growth of a business, so the market in nowadays is filled with a number of free business model templates with attractive slide designs, animations, fonts and backgrounds, to display the every aspect of business model in a very interesting way, making the clients of listen more.

Business Model Templates
Business Model Template

2) Dark Professional PowerPoint Template:- For every professional preparing the most attractive and informative presentation in a short time period could be a daunting task. But, it is no more left a hard task to do with the help of free Dark Professional PowerPoint Templates, which comes with a fantastic collection of dark background styles, textures, graphics, colors, clipart and much more to create the most unique & bespoken presentation.

Dark Professional PowerPoint Template
Dark Professional PowerPoint Template

3) SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates:- Creating an analytical presentation is quite a tricky task as it may include more than one different frame to display or compare the several aspects. However, with the help of free downloadable SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates, this tricky task becomes easier and more interesting. These are widely used to describe & evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats involved in a project.

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates

4) Kaizen PICK Chart PowerPoint Templates:- If you are about to create a business or project presentation on Six Sigma and Quality Management aspects for business improvement, then the range of free Kaizen Pick Chart PowerPoint templates is ideal for you. These are widely used by project managers and quality managers in the business firms.

Kaizen PICK Chart PowerPoint Templates:
Kaizen PICK Chart PowerPoint Templates

5) Free Bowling Shaped PowerPoint Templates:- The range of free Bowling Shapes PowerPoint templates is just an amazing choice for the presentation describing the aspects, like: strategies, goals and objectives of the games and the presenting organization as well. One can also use these templates to create effective marketing presentations.

Free Bowling Shaped PowerPoint templates:
Free Bowling Shaped PowerPoint templates

6) Free PERT Chart Template for PowerPoint:- Creating a PERT Chart in the presentation is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for every project manager. Therefore, if you are looking for the free and effective project management template, then free PERT Chart templates are ideal for you that can help you to design workflows, schedules, timetables, & diagrams combining the other path following techniques with an ease.

Free PERT Chart Template for PowerPoint:
Free PERT Chart Template for PowerPoint

7) Performance Prism Templates:- Evaluating the performance of every business or employee under different frameworks and circumstances tends to be difficult. However, with the help of Free Performance Prism Framework Templates, one can easily evaluate the growth and performance of the business using the second-generation performance measurement system.

Performance Prism Templates
Performance Prism Templates

All the above templates are readily available over the internet in the downloadable file format with easy modification and reusability features, and all of that is free! So, start searching the web today!


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